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These collection groups often like to jack up fees when someone points out that they actually have to do their job, to threaten businesses in the most insane ways, and also to, oops, sometimes just totally forget to pay the artists they purport to benefit.Over in Kenya, however, the dominant copyright collection group, MCSK, went for and hit the corruption trifecta by engaging in all of three at the same time.While here, consider a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum, the former home of the Danish author who wrote “Out of Africa”.

Our leaders had allowed 2 hours for us to eat our morning meal, but we had to remember what we were told in our orientation for the trip: This is Kenya.

The copyright board revoked MCSK's license in February after its officials failed to submit their audited financial statements and amounts paid in royalties to their members.

Edward Sigei, Kenya Copyright Board executive director, said at the time that MCSK had failed to submit the financial statement despite having been given a grace period of three months to do so.

The centre of the city has many modern high rise buildings and a number of parks and gardens of which the best known is Uhuru Park.

Interestingly both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya can be seen on a clear day from Nairobi.