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However, critics say the law does not go far enough as people who do not meet these conditions who have an abortion are committing a criminal offence.

It is thought the growing availability of online abortion pills is increasing the number of terminations women have in the UK, outside of official, licensed clinics.

In addition, women are committing an offence if they have a termination after the 24-week limit.

Labour MP Diana Johnson introduced the debate to the House of Commons, which calls for full decriminalisation.

Mr Kenny suggested that the arrangement, if poorly handled, could jeopardise the peace process in Northern Ireland.

He also raised concerns about the lack of a nationalist voice in favour of a united Ireland at Westminster – where the SDLP is now wiped out and Sinn Fein does not take its seats on principle.

He tweeted on Sunday: “Spoke with Prime Minister May – indicated my concern that nothing should happen to put Good Friday agreement at risk, and [the] absence of nationalist voice in Westminster.” The DUP is the biggest party in the Northern Ireland Assembly and is currently engaged in a negotiations after the collapse of the power-sharing administration that runs the Northern Ireland Executive.

Met zijn laatste bericht bereiken de spanningen tussen Noord-Korea en de VS een nieuw hoogtepunt.In addition to police powers, the service is responsible for border control, certain civil duties, coordinating search and rescue operations, counter-terrorism, highway patrolling, writ of execution, criminal investigation and prosecution.The police service dates to the 13th century when the first sheriffs were appointed.As the first city in Norway to do so, Trondheim had a chief of police appointed in 1686, and Oslo established a uniformed police corps in 1859.The directorate is led by National Police Commissioner Odd Reidar Humlegård.