Is shepard smith dating jason lewis dating

Maybe it’s because the “scoop” was buried in a snarky item about an alleged bar incident in New York from eight months ago.According to Gawker, Smith yelled at a waitress to hurry up with his drinks.

But initially, the problems arise in their marital life. Both of them preferred to keep their mouth closed regarding the divorce.

Addressing his sexuality in a talk at Ole Miss, the Fox News anchor said, "When I told the truth, I guess it was considered that I outed myself.

I didn’t even think about it, because I didn’t think I was in.”It's taken two solid weeks for Shepard Smith's comments about his homosexuality at the University of Mississippi to get national pickup, but in a way, that's fitting for a man who, for the last decade, never really saw himself as being in the closet. And later, I need to watch ESPN for the rest of the day ...

People are eager to know whether he is homosexual or straight.

Shepard Smith previously shared the marital relationship with Virginia Donald. Virginia Donald was the crush of Shepard from the beginning.