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Zach Woods doesn't have emojis on his phone: "I had an old i Phone 4 that was shattered, and I never replaced it, and it was full so I never could get new stuff," Woods said.

He wishes there were an "I'm a little sad, but it's totally manageable" emoji. He drew some inspiration for his Silicon Valley character, Jared, from his mom.

I think it just felt like a hug all the time, like an upright sleeping bag." 18.

Woods is team Beyoncé over Taylor Swift, but he said, "I find them both very intimidating. I feel like they're people who would somehow fire me." 19.

I think if anything can be gleaned from these recent events, maybe it’s getting to where we can actually have a real fucking dialogue about what it is that we do online and the genuine consequences that those things can have. I actually have a lot of respect for the film because oftentimes when you talk about a movie that has something really heinous, it’s typically within the framework of a movie that isn’t good, or might not have a lot of merit but sort of rests on the fact that it goes to the extreme.

If you were genius computer hackers, how would you use/abuse your power? I kind of look, for the most part, up to Anonymous. If I had that ability I would probably use it for the destruction of anti-human ideology. The thing that fucks you up about , is that it’s extremely well-made and it’s well-written and the characters are well-acted so it fucks with your head because you’re used to seeing those sort of exploitation moments within the context of an exploitation film, rather than something that’s meant to be taken seriously.

Instead of filling his dance card with special effects blockbusters, his body of work since the Rings trilogy largely comprises small, tightly budgeted arthouse features.

He is very much talented in performing from his childhood.‘IT’S a cautionary tale,” says Elijah Wood, “in the sense that you shouldn’t meet your idols because they may not be what you expect, and they will probably disappoint you.” He’s talking about Set Fire To The Stars, a new movie about Dylan Thomas which receives its world premiere at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival, but Wood is also an actor who dodges expectations.Since starring as Frodo Baggins in Lord Of The Rings, he has been less Hollywood, more Milk Wood.Before Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen dated Leo for five years, but ended it in 2005."We were just not meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I respect him enormously, and I wish him nothing but the best," she told Access Hollywood in 2009.