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then after all this time she finally confessed her feelings for me too. Since she said she has feelings for you, but she's still not over her ex, perhaps going out as friends would be a good start? Do you trust her now, that she "confessed her feelings"? Look, to be blunt, you have had 2 years written off for her, now she comes back to Fatkid when the chips are really trust her?then i called her up and asked why did she not tell me any earlier. 2 years is a long time to get over someone, have you asked her out just as friends first? The reason I ask about if you trust her, you will know what to do .And what’s more, men don’t need to spend hours and hours sorting through profiles and messaging women who don’t reply back.

Or may be she is just weird/frigid/uptight or conservative bit in any event, if she wants you then you are on the table, as it were. If it is at work Fat Kid, then take your time and make sure yo make some space to save you (or her) face.

Es gibt einen Markt, man kann das Produkt (also sich selbst) besser oder schlechter darstellen und letztendlich bezahlt man in irgendeiner Weise einen Preis – in erster Linie in Form von Zeit, die man aufwenden muss.

Und wie die Marktteilnehmer in normalen Märkten kann man auch das Dating mal ganz profan durch diese Brille betrachten: Es geht darum, mit gegebenen Mitteln (in erster Linie Zeit) ein möglichst gutes Ergebnis zu erzielen.

Call it a need for closure or just plain curiosity: Nearly everyone's been tempted to check up on an old flame. Websites like and reality shows like Fox's Classmates and TLC's Second Chance all offer the opportunity to catch up with the one who got away.

What's the harm, you think, in finding out what he's up to? But if you're married, it can be downright dangerous, according to Nancy Kalish, Ph.