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All three of these people did leave the room, but I didn't have coverage of it, so one of them just vanishes when the new character enters. Brian and I looked at every take, hoping for something, some footage in any condition — out of focus, corner of the frame, flubbed line, anything that could show that Mrs. In the still watches of the night when one's mind wanders, I suddenly remembered that we'd shot video of the villainous Krogstad wandering around in the kitchen, not because he's ever supposed to be wandering around in the kitchen, but because the set looked nice and he was there.

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The real-life story of Miriam Weeks – a Duke University freshman who, as Belle Knox, starred in porn films to help pay her tuition bill – will be featured in a Lifetime TV movie, “From Straight As to XXX.” It airs at 8 p.m. Weeks was spotted in a porn movie by a fellow Duke student, who outed her and incited a backlash.

You can have a lot of coverage, like a red carpet movie opening, filmed by five network TV crews, 150 paparazzi and 500 i Phones, or you can have very little coverage, like the single 8mm film camera that captured the assassination of John F. Coverage is footage that gives you choices in the editing room, like camera angles, and the ability to control the pace of the action by changing the timing in which events happen — think of a Hollywood explosion filmed from multiple angles, shown over and over to make a longer sequence, or a long graduation speech cut down to two minutes where the edits are covered by switching camera angles — and it is one of those things, like a life jacket or fire insurance, that is most important when you realize that you don't have it.

In 2013 I directed a period piece based on a Henrik Ibsen play – we shot very quickly over two days and things looked wonderful, beautiful sets, costumes, acting — but as we were carting all the equipment out to the vans at the end there was something nagging me. I looked at the shot list, everything was checked off.

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