Updating cell phone sites

According to ABI Research, forked versions of Google’s Android account for 20% of the total smartphone operating system market.While Android may be handily beating Apple and other competitors in terms of market share, the open source operating system is struggling in the battle against malware.Before we get to the process of updating your Android-based smartphone, it should first be noted that your ability to update may be limited by the maker of your device.In general, the newer, high-end smartphones made by well-known companies are more likely to offer the ability to upgrade Android than the low-end devices made by lesser known companies.

Mobile presence gives you the ability to know when people come and go using the location services on their phones or cellular-connected tablets.With so many mobile devices running older versions of Android that may still have vulnerabilities to malware, it is especially important for Android users to update their smartphones to the latest version of this operating system.Here’s how you can make sure that your smartphone is updated with the latest available version of the Android operating system.For further information about mobile presence behavior, common issues, and the role your mobile device plays, read this article.The new Nokia 3310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and reimagines it for 2017.