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But, as Vocativ reported, the nude photo-sharing continued, simply moving platforms from Facebook to Snapchat.

These new rules, however, are much more consequential.

Worn or used products will not be accepted unless faulty.

With all returns, please include a completed returns form (including order number or billing postcode). Please wrap items appropriately for transit to avoid damage to goods or boxes.

In theory, then, a crook could work the payment the other way around, by waving a suitably rigged payment terminal near your card, telling your card it wanted to buy a Caffè Americano, getting it to approve the transaction, and pocketing the cash.

Contactless bank payments usually rely on Near Field Communication (NFC) – the same sort of electronics used in public transport cards such as London’s Oyster or Sydney’s Opal.

These let you authorise payments simply by waving your card near a suitable payment terminal.

They're invested in the wines before they've been made - meaning we secure all the spoils.

If you're wondering if the wines are any good, the proof is in the pudding. In fact due to advancements in tanker technology and quality, the wine is less prone to temperature variations during shipping - so the wine can actually arrive in better condition than bottled wine. By more than doubling the amount of wine that can be shipped, bulk shipping seriously reduces the environmental emissions associated with transport. Bottling is a winemaker's biggest headache and they're perfectly happy to hand the job over to our ruthlessly efficient German friends.