Virus free chat rooms

You can learn more about IRC at they have extensive tutorials and information on using this service.

Below you will find links pertaining to this service and how to use it.

To connect to our chat room you will need to configure your client with the following information: If you do not have a IRC client or prefer to not use one to connect to our chat rooms you can use our web based java client that will run from your browser window.

While you could spend hours searching the internet for the best places to chat via video, and even voice and text, save time by trying these top picks based on user-friendliness and service quality. Also, see these top messaging apps that have chat rooms for even more online fun.

If you find someone you'd like to be friends with, and they in turn want to be friends with you, you exchange IM sign-on names. Omegle is a brand-new service for meeting new friends.

Having a home computer can sometimes create a false sense of security for us who use chat rooms and other forms of communication on the Internet.

It is possible to connect to our chat room using a standard IRC client that you may have installed on your computer.

For windows a very popular client is Mirc and for the Macintosh a popular client is Ircle.

Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like.

Chatroll is a place to create and share live interest groups. It’s an easy and unique way for you to connect with people and share your interests.